The Sedona Method

My decision last year and it is a life decision is to act with love at all times. Acting this way changes the attitude of people all around you and changes people and the problems you have faced.

People act for 2 reasons
1 Out of love
2 Out of fear

People that act out of love will never hurt you but people that harbour fears will inevitably hurt you despite your initial hopes.
If you harbour any fears, you attract the same people in different forms and they keep hurting you or you keep hurting them.

Trying to protect ones own heart is acting in fear and you only get hurt by someone trying to protect their own too.

I used the Sedona Method a great deal to conquer my own fears and issues and I am much happier than I have ever been. despite the setbacks and downs I have been able to say one bad slip is all I remember ….but what about the ten highs I quickly forgot?
One example. If ten people say hey you look gorgeous……..and one person says hey you look terrible …are you sick? What sticks with you?

We all have a lot to let go and I think that by finding out how to, your life will change immeasurably. That I promise you.

The method is simple

1 Focus on your issue, then allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in this moment. Are you angry, afraid, depressed, unmotivated, unloved, broken hearted, numb? I could go on and on but we harbour so many of these negatives and discharging them is what we need to do.

2. Ask yourself
a Can I let this feeling go? or
b Can I allow this feeling to be here? or
c Can I welcome this feeling?

Answer this with as little thought as possible and don’t second guess. It is a simple answer. Yes or No
Either answer go to step 3

3 Ask yourself now…..Would I or am I willing to let this go?
as little thought as possible again …yes or no
Either yes or no go to step 4

4 > When?
This can mean I want to do it right now !!!

Repeat the steps until you get to the point where it is yes yes now.

It is all this simple , you will notice positive shifts in feelings, happiness, attitude and behaviour. Every release requires different amounts of work…..

You can’t overdo this, it can be done many times a day
Trust me…..there are millions of negatives to release

Boredom, drained, invisible to others, winless, failure, fear of too late, stuck, careless, forgetful, lazy, tiredness, coldness, futility, putting things off, unfeeling, cut off, giving up, listlessness, no focus or concentration, dead, hardened, loser, useless, defeat, hopeless, lost, vague, depressed, humourless, negative, wasted, demoralised, I can’t, numb, what’s the point, desolate, I don’t care, overwhelmed, why even try?, despair, I don’t count, powerless, worthless, discouraged, inattentive, resigned, disillusioned, indecisive, shocked, doomed, indifferent, spaced out.

abandoned, loss, abused, melancholy, accused, misunderstood, anguished, mourning, ashamed, neglected, betrayed, nobody cares, blue, nobody loves me, cheated, nostalgia, despair, passed over, disappointed, pity, distraught, poor me, embarrassed, regret, forgotten, rejected, guilty, remorse, heartbroken, sorrow, heartsick, tearful, helpless, tormented, hurt, torn, if only, tortured, ignored, unhappy, inadequate, unloved, inconsolable, unwanted, not fair, vulnerable, left out, why me, longing, wounded.

Anxiety, Paralysed, apprehensive, paranoid, cautious, scared, clammy, secretive, cowardice, shakiness, defensive, shy, distrust, sceptical, doubt, stage fright, dread, superstitious, embarrassed, suspicious, evasive, tense, foreboding, terrified, frantic, threatened, hesitant, timid, horrified, trapped, hysterical, uncertain, inhibited, uneasy, insecure, vulnerable, irrational, want to escape, nausea, wary, nervous, worry, panic.

Abandon, gluttonous, obsessed, anticipation, greed, overindulgence, callous, hoarding, possessive, impatience, hunger, predatory, compulsive, want, pushy, craving, reckless, demanding, lasciviousness, ruthless, devious, lecherous, scheming, driven, manipulative, selfish, envy, miserly, voracious, exploitative, must have it, wanton, fixated, never enough, wicked, frenzy, never satisfied, frustrated, oblivious,

Abrasive, merciless, aggressive, murderous, annoyed, outraged, argumentative, petulant, belligerent, pushy, boiling, rebellious, brooding, resentment, caustic, resistant, defiant, revolted, demanding, rude, destructive, savage, disgust, simmering, explosive, sizzling, fierce, smouldering, frustrated, spiteful, fuming, steely, furious, stern, harsh, stewing, hatred, stubborn, hostile, sullen, impatience, vengeful, indignant, vicious, irate, violent, jealous, volcanic, livid, wicked, mad, wilful, mean.

Above reproach, gloating, self-absorbed, aloof, haughty, self-satisfied, arrogant, holier than thou, selfish, bigoted, hypocritical, smug, boastful, icy, snobbish, bored, isolated, special, clever, judgmental,spoiled, closed, know it all, stoic, complacent, narrow minded, stubborn, conceited, never wrong, stuck up, contempt, opinionated, superior, cool, overbearing, uncompromising, critical, patronising, unfeeling, disdain, pious, unforgiving, dogmatic, prejudiced, unyielding, false dignity, presumptuous, vain, false humility, righteous. rigid

Circle every single thought that honestly applies to you and you will be amazed at the actual baggage you are carrying.

What will amaze you more is how easy it is to let it all go. Identify each one and …..your life will change immeasurably as soon as you say Yes Yes and Now !!

The next step is what to replace them with and that’s very easy….just look to the opposites.

3 Responses to The Sedona Method

  1. Almari says:

    Thanks for this, I needed it…

  2. Alexis says:

    Every once in a while, you stumble upon a picture, person, article, verse, song or something that just makes you stop, think and go “Ah. That’s what it is all about. That makes sense”.
    For me, the Sedona Method not only makes me go “Ah” but it makes sense, is practical and can be used each day everyday.
    I know I’ve said thank you before Chris, but I’m saying it again and will, everytime I read it. Thank you 🙂

  3. Thank you, I needed this too. I think I’m going to print it just so I can circle how I’m feeling and try work through that. Thank you again Chris 🙂

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